Our Values


Professionals and technology for knitwear

Our design & technical departments looking for each season new tendences, yarns and elements for to offer the maximum quality, the things that cusomers expect from us…


In the yarns and in all processes

Our gaments, along all process, are checked in differents sections to the final control, where each garment is checked to arrive perfectly to our customers. In addition we try to offer an excelent customer service, to resolve any doubt or incidence quickly.


European yarns to guarantee quality and sustainability

It’s necesary a good start! In Textiles Campillo work with professional yarn suppliers, with quality and prestige, and they guarante standars of quality, durability and sustainability that we requiere for our products. All details are important to can produce knitwear of high quality.


Sustainable yarns and process

Sustainable is to use things that that you have near and to looking for with good quality of garments, improbe their durability. The garment to be used one season can’t be sustainable and the garment that it’s made in the other part of world where it will be used. It’s imporant, ever more, ecological, sustainables and recycled yarns. All are small stepts to improve our environment and take to care of the planet.

Local Production

With correct environment and labour conditions

Our facilities are located in small village with risk of depopulation. Each of our customer and brands that work with us, it’s a very important support to keep the life here and that 20 families can continue enjoying and take care this enviroment.

Textile heritage

We make quality knitwear since 1977

And we have not made another thing. We make and develop knitwear since 50 year ago, all in our factory. Some persons of our team are working and learning each day during more of 40 years.

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