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Make your knitwear with us

In our factory takes place the whole manufacturing process of the garments. We specialise in knitwear garments and accessories , for women, men, children and newborn, with the best italian yarns and the best quality.

Personalization of the orders

We develope and produce knitwear according to our customer’s reqirements. We can develop customized pieces from 150 pieces/model in different colours and sizes.


Guarantee of quality

The whole manufacturing process takes place in our factory thus we can guarantee high quality during the whole process.

European yarns

We work with high quality yarn suppliers only. We search and select among Italian, Portuguese and Spanish suppliers the yarn that best suits the requirements of our customers.

Timely deliveries

We are commited to ensure timely deliveres of all our orders in accordance with the delivery date previously agreed with the customer.

Social and envionmental responsability

All our garments are produced in our factory (100% made in Spain), complying with European regulations.

Experience and know-how

We have been manufacturing knitwear garments since 1977. Our entire team has a long experience, many of them with more than 30 years producing knitwear pieces.

The best yarns

We use 100% European yarns, mainly from Italian suppliers.

The quality has been always our main priority, therefore we pay especial attention to the yarns used. We mainly work with Italian suppliers, as well as with the best cotton and organic cotton yarn suppliers from Portugal and Spain.

Some of the qualities used: 100% Wool (Lambswool), 100% Extrafine Merino Wool, 100% Cotton and Organic Cotton, Cashmere and blends, Mohair and Alpaca (and blends), different blends of wool (with cotton, with acrylic, with polyamide), 100% recycled and sustainable yarns, among others.

Our customers can select the yarn that suits the best their projects or we suggest and offer them diferent yarn’s possibilities according to each project.

National & International brands

Men, women, children and newborn brands have chosen our company for our high-quality standard and trademark protection guarantee.

Now we collaborate with Spanish brands, big and small, with international presence, and with various European brands, of UK, France and Holland. Along all years we have collaborate with countries as Arabian Emirates, United States, Denmark, Rusia or Sweden. Our efforts are directed to International brands, and we work each day to collaborate with brands that looking for quality, sustainability and delivery commitment.

High quality, privacy and trademark protection guarantee are our priorities, adapting 100% to customer needs.

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